Evita Clinic December Events!!

[Anti-aging care for the many events year-end]

Immediate Thread Lifting +  Dermo-toxin (Skin BTX)

+ Anti-Aging Care 2 times (Anti-Aging Antioxidant Care)

₩ 1,050,000 (including VAT)

☆ treatment progress

(1) immediate lifting treatment: Cog PDO 8 lines (2 lines when you add 11M (including VAT))

(2) Elastic PDO 10 thread (for V lines)

(3) Full Face Dermo toxin: btx 100u

☆ treatment after surgery

Calm care -> IR830 or LED progress (Calm & sterilization) -> Finish

[Anti-Aging Care Details]

If you would like to proceed Care (optional) 1 hour

(1) cell recovery care (face + decollate)
(2) Anti-Cellulite care (body)

Select sites: abdomen, lower body, etc. (Magic Pot + hand massage)

[Antioxidant IV Fluid details]

Guthione IV 2 times (once for each proceeding upon administration)