Amino-Acid Solution / Parenteral Nutrition & InjectionsMade By ChonKunDang Pharm.Active Ingredients
1,000mL per
Glycine 9.2g, L-Threonine 5.5g, L-Arginine 15.0g, L-aspartic acid 3.0g, L-Glutamic acid 5.0g, L-Serine 3.0g , L-Phenylalanine 9.0g, L-Valine 7.0g, L-Alanine 13.0g, L-tyrosine 0.4g, L-Proline 11.0g, L-Histidine 4.0g, L-Tryptophan 2.5g, L-Methionine 7.0g, L-lsoLeucine 7.0g, L-Leucine 14.0g , L-lysine hydrochloride 12.494g, L-ornithine HCl 1.275g, L-cystein HCl monohydrate 2.0g
Supply of amino acids at the next state : hypoproteinemia, malnutrition, perioperative