Thread Lift : New Concept of Facial Wrinkle Treatment and Facial Contour Remodeling Using Threads


What is Ulta V Cog ?

This face lift surgery uses special medical thread that has sharp cog in regular absorbable thread.
It is inserted into the skin layer and pulls the wrinkles tight, resulting in a lifting effect.

It’s a proactive treatment of inserting cogged threads directly into the desired area of wrinkles caused by aging, and straightening the facial wrinkles

In addition to skin regeneration from collagen synthesis, cosmetic surgery facelift helps the skin tone improve and provide anti aging effects.

Feature of the Ultra V cog Thread

Raw material of the product: Polydioxanone Monofilament (PDO)

Diameter: USP 4-0 / 5-0
Shape: Polydioxanone insertion which has cogs and barbs on it through the manufacturing process.

Theoretical background & Special features

Face lifting with Cog Lifting is more upgraded method than Contour thread lift that was in American congress of plastic surgery. It is improved face lifting method especially for Asian facial contour.

  • Intensity and durability of Ultra V Lift is very powerful due to fixation point is widely distributed.
  • No incision, No tie/ Back to the life rapidly
  • Only 30 minutes of local anesthesia is needed.
  • No edema, rare bruise

Effectiveness of Surgery/ Treatment

  • No Scar & quick return
  • Contouring of mandibular angle
  • Improvement of facial wrinkles
  • Tones up the color/ resiles the skin
  • Restrains the skin and facial wrinkle from aging process

Physical change + Physiological change

Being treated with Thrad lift, patients could expect 2 different effects which are physical change and physiological change respectively.

Apart from physical change mainly driven from thread’s holding and lifting up of drooped skin, insertion of threads into subcutaneous layer might cause collagen fiber synthesis in skin deep. (refer to following picture and explanation)

Ultra V Lift Procedure

  1. Design
    1) The area that moves naturally when pulled up by fingers is the best point for lifting effect.
    2) Local Crean anesthesia about 30min.
    3) Mark 4~6 fixation points at the zygomatic area.
    4) Apply 4~6 threads as main vector, and apply 1 or 2 more threads in needed.
  2. Procedure
    1) Make the needle pass through the deep sub-Q layer(for mid face).
    2) Moving the needle too superficial could cause dimple.
    # In that case, it is recommended to pull the needle backward and re-adjust the needle within sub-Q layer and continue the procedure.
    4) To adjust needle with layer in winding part, insert the needle very gently with right hand and try to sense the tip of needle with index finger of left hand.
    5) Lift up the skin toward upside very softly to make tissue hooked onto cog.
    6) Treat the other side of face with the same design and method.
    # Measure with ruler to make same exit point comparing both sides of face.
    # After one side is treated, confirm it again when the other side of face is 70% treated.
    7) Cut the end of the thread after both sides are treated.
    #When cutting thread, pull it and cut sharp at the root so that it could completely sink into skin.
    8) Loosen the cog of thread’s end with a snap, if there is any dimple around exit point where the thread comes out.
    9) Incise the part of hooked temporal area and pull out the thread with hooker slowly, when the thread needs to be pulled out.

After Operation Care

  1. Apply ice bag compression for the day.
  2. Patient can wash the face or take a shower after 24 hours.
  3. Patient might feel a slight pain when chewing for 1~2 days.
  4. Be careful not to make the face constricted for 2 weeks to give threads the time for adhesion to skin.
  5. Avoid massage and high frequency energy treatment for 1 month.
  6. Taking a good rest and ingestion of vitamin C will help the skin regenerate collagen fiber.
  7. Lie on your back when sleeping.


$700770,000 Won (KRW)