AED HR-501 – Semi-Automated External Defibrillator


HR-501 is a medical device intended for easy use by anyone. Even if it is none of medical professional, everyone can not only purchase but also use HR-501. Buy the way, we’d like to recommend the users to receive training by EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

AED HR-501 – Semi-Automated External Defibrillator2022-11-17T18:02:20+09:00

Evita buy a New Autoclave HS-3041SD


This S-Class small steam sterilizer is equipped with the rectangular chamber and able to load the items to be sterilized in the chamber much more and conveniently.

Evita buy a New Autoclave HS-3041SD2017-03-14T14:37:49+09:00

InBody 230


Always,  at preoperative consulting, Evita Clinic use an [...]

InBody 2302020-11-23T11:00:06+09:00

MagicPot – New machine of Evita..


MagicPot offers professional body and facial care solutions from integrated technology by Multipolar Radiofrequency, Vacuum, and LED. MagicPot has two specialized systems: LiposlimCare for Body and PowerLifting for Face. The LiposlimCare system provides a proven solution for body slimming and works to reduce cellulite and fat, reshape, reduce size, and tighten skin. The PowerLifting system works to provide facial lifting, wrinkles, tightening, and collagen regeneration.

MagicPot – New machine of Evita..2017-04-05T12:37:48+09:00

New Recovery Bed & Room with eco-friendly


There was a patient in the recovery room to replace the bed and cabinets. The people who received surgery at Evita To give a more comfortable recovery assistance, and to return home Pursys (R), Inc. has introduced the smart electric bed.

New Recovery Bed & Room with eco-friendly2020-11-23T10:59:53+09:00
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