A hospital is a place that needs to be cleaner than anything else. Evita Clinic also committed to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene indoor environment at all times. And this month, with CESCO system, we can provide neater and cleaner indoor environment.

First, we have strengthened the flying insect control system.

Flying insects are literally flying insect such as diptera, moth, mosquito, moth fly, mayfly, etc. Of course, Evita Clinic is always kept clean. Therefore, pests do not live in clinic. However, pests can enter the clinic from the outside. These need to be prevented.

CESCO system divides the area into three stages, outermost, outer area, and indoor, which are not simply capturing the pests. By doing so, it essentially blocks pest inflows. CESCO’s lamp has maximized the attractiveness of flying pests by their excellent ultraviolet emissions. Some lamps are not steadily emitting ultraviolet radiation show a decrease in capture rate over time, but CESCO’s lamps maintain a stable trapping power due to continuous ultraviolet radiation.

Second, the antibacterial safety is enhanced.

Most viruses and bacterial diseases are transmitted through the respiratory and by hand. By eliminating these harmful bacteria and viruses and providing a deodorizing effect, it became a cleaner antibacterial zone.

You may have heard about diseases such as MERSC (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus), Swine flu (H1N1), SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and AI (Avian Influenza). MERSC has been infected with 186 people in Korea and has shown high mortality rate. AI is also an acute virus infection that can spread to humans by infection with the AI virus.

These diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria that can easily be infected by respiratory or skin contact. In the respiratory tract, about 150 people can become infected within 5 minutes if the infected person sneezes. It is said that there are about 100,000 drops when you sneezing. In addition, hundreds of millions of bacteria can spread up to a radius of up to 6 meters when you flush the toilet. Therefore, only with temporary disinfection process is difficult to prevent all disease.

CESCO’s antibacterial safety solution sterilizes more than 99% of the harmful bacteria in air, hand, toilet, and drain pipe with its strong antibacterial power, and has been confirmed to have excellent safety from environmentally harmful substances. The AirGenic system controls the bacteria as well as provide refreshing air. It removes more than 99.9% of bacteria such as colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus. It also keeps the cleanliness of the air by deodorizing action.

The automatic sensor-based HandGenic protects against virus disease through the hand. There is no need to press it by hand because there is an automatic sensor. This prevents cross-contamination by contact. It effectively removes harmful bacteria and influenza, hepatitis virus, colon bacillus, staphylococcus, and bacillus pyocyaneusthat live in your hands. Also, triclosan is widely used in cosmetics and sanitary products, but it is known as a substance that disturbs hormone secretion. Since it does not contain this triclosan ingredient, you can use it with confidence.

Third, we increased the air quality.

Ultrafine particulate, which is a recent problem, is much smaller than fine dust, so it cannot be filtered from the airway, and most of it gets through the alveoli and causes heart disease and respiratory diseases. In order to prevent this, a mask is used outdoors, but on average, people live in indoor space for more than 80% of the day, so indoor pollutants are much more likely to be delivered to the lungs than outdoor ones.

According to the World Health Organization, indoor pollutants are more than 1000 times more likely to be transmitted to human lungs than outdoor pollutants. There are also studies from the American Allergic Asthma Immunology Association that about 50% of all diseases are caused or exacerbated by contaminated indoor air.

The CESCO Air Purifier adopts the laser light scattering method and is equipped with the ultra fine dust precision sensor. Depending on the air quality, the LED color is different and it is filtered in 5 steps. Indoor and outdoor air quality is checked in real time, and air quality analysis report is provided to keep air always fresh.

UV Power Air Sterilizer uses 99.9% sterilizing UV-C lamp to provide powerful sterilizing effect and release 2 million clusters of ions. The released ion clusters cling to the harmful substances in the air, causing a chemical reaction to remove harmful substances.

As such, Evita Clinic with CESCO system will control all pests, germs, and air for more comfortable and clean environment for patients. We promise continuous management to provide fresh and spotless space in the future. Lastly, below video is WHO’s handwashing manual. Please take a look for perfect sterilization.