How to Prepare For Consultation


Consultation is not a lecture from your surgeon. Feel free to raise some questions. Write it down so you won’t forget. This way you would be able to satisfy any curiosity and doubts you may have. You may ask anything from questions about the surgery itself to the surgeon's experience. This is especially important if you decide to have the surgery on the same day.

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16th April, National High Five Day


Ready to raise your arms for high fives all around? April 16th is National High Five Day (#NH5D)! But if you're one of the millions who have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) this celebration is far from joyful. Got sweaty palms? Pit-stained shirts? Not so fun now. Thankfully, we’ve got new info that you need for drier high fives and more. Think you know the latest? Think again. We've been busy! And there's lots more to come.

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