Drinking alcohol make people relieve stress and feel good.

Those who like a drink is never put out a ‘drink’ also can not say the ‘life’ and leave heh

However, it’s a little piece snack’s hard to eat just to eat on an empty stomach in alcohol,

Drinking ‘alcohol’ always concerned about ‘live’ !!!!!

Q1. Drinking alcohol brings out times sake. Why do only fat around belly?

Often korean say that the ‘Sulbae(Alcohol belly)’.
Often only a bulging belly sticking people drink a lot of alcohol.
But why would you drink alcohol only stuck sulbae, fat? I have a special reason?

There are also calorie drinks.
The forces that can act as an energy source that has the alcohol calories.

However, interfere with the energy consumption of the nutrients that alcohol is a good effect on our body.
We do not consume alcohol as well as disturbance of carbohydrate and protein nutrients
The accumulation of ‘fat’, they accumulate a lot of abdominal primarily

Also nutrients coming into the body by excessive intake of snacks eat snacks with increasing
They are a more local, focal accumulation in fat consumption while another did not properly ~

Only then did only ‘alcohol’ drinking fall weight ?
Although alcohol has calories, only drinking alcohol because nutrients are not at all beneficial to health.
Because it does not have enough nutrients needed just about to weaken health.


Q2. Why hungry after drinking? Why is that?

Primary drinking, apparently also eat a lot of snacks for first time leading to the second, third… and more..
Eat lots of good food into strange, We feel like more hungry after drinking again.

Is very simple, you need to know in order to understand why fee hungry after drinking.
Enters into our body and is absorbed in the stomach and intestines undergo alcohol detoxification through “liver”.

The changing role of energy needed to turn the body into glucose and liver glycogen.
But We can not not drink alcohol exerts this function correctly liver. Did not play a role.

When the ‘hypoglycaemia’ condition our bodies.
Going to happen to feel the “hunger” as “hypoglycemia” state temporarily drinking.
That you are referring to when hypoglycemia ‘when glucose is insufficient’ reason to feel ‘hungry’ we are.

When to eat as usual, the sheep never eat sober
We will eat and drink when ‘Sake’ ever continue.;;;;


Q3. Originally obese people drink much alcohol?

If you drink a lot of obese people from the original drink, but also the growing weight problem,
Greatest health problems.

Have you seen the news today that the liver more “fatty liver” risk to drink the more obese?

Obesity and alcohol consumption, regardless of the number of men
The more than 2-fold higher compared to those who rarely drink the alcoholic fatty liver risk.

The woman is more dangerous than a man.
Compared to those who drink alcohol drink that is almost 11 times higher than the alcoholic fatty liver risk women,
It worse up to 13 times the risk of alcoholic fatty liver in obese if BMI is greater than 25, the original female.
(Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine analysis)

Alcoholic fatty liver is, it’s an accumulation of fat in liver cells by alcohol intake.
If you have more fat accumulated between alcohol intake continues to become enlarged liver,
May be accompanied by symptoms such as indigestion, loss of appetite, fatigue, discomfort, as well as later.


The very important ‘health between’ us to live healthy.
Also ‘buy’ a steaming due to ‘alcohol’ problems, but also liver health is deteriorating, and I think it is important
If you enjoy a minute too many drinks, we recommend leaving a little less ^ ^..