Obesity is the origin of the disease. It is also one of the big troubles of modern people who lack time to exercise.

There are also kinds of obesity. The fat in the body can be divided into subcutaneous fat and visceral fat depending on where in the body. Subcutaneous fat obesity is usually distributed in the thighs and buttocks, while visceral fat refers to the state of fat between the abdominal organs. It is known that visceral fat is not good for health. Statistically, the more visceral fat is found, the more complications such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension are found. Why is visceral fat more harmful than subcutaneous fat?

As visceral fat increases, insulin in the blood becomes more and more, so it causes diabetes, hypertension and the disease like metabolic syndrome. As a result, arteriosclerosis can lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which shortens the life expectancy.

In addition, there are many blood vessels in the place where visceral fat is inserted, and the visceral fat that is generated causes injury to the blood vessels, causing inflammation of the blood vessels. The toxin that causes this inflammation flows around the blood. Therefore, people with a lot of fat in the intestines are more likely to suffer from diseases like stroke and myocardial infarction than people who do not have it.

According to recent research, visceral fat is the cause of various cancers such as colon, liver, and breast cancer. Because visceral fat secretes a number of specific proteins that turn healthy cells into cancerous cells. It is known that the abundance of visceral fat promotes the tumor formation promoting function of the tissue. Visceral fat may also cause fatty liver. This fatty liver can lead to liver cancer through fatty liver and liver hardening.

So why does harmful visceral fat occur?

First, alcohol is the cause. When alcohol enters our body, our body sends a danger signal. By doing so, it will act to accumulate the calories from the visceral fat.

It is also the cause of wrong eating habits. Fatty foods, fried foods, carbohydrate foods, and too salty and sweet foods accumulate fat. It is not good because it interferes with blood circulation. Instead of these stimulating foods, you should develop your diet to eat lots of vegetables. Vegetables contain lots of dietary fiber. This helps to dissolve, absorb and release fat.

It is also caused by lack of exercise. Fat that has been consumed extensively must be decomposed through exercise. However, when the exercise is insufficient, the fat accumulates continuously. As a result, visceral fat is created.

Incorrect diets can also cause visceral fat accumulation. A diet that is too starved is said to break down muscles and build up visceral fat. In the same way, if you eat too long or have irregular eating habits, you will accumulate more fat than people who regularly eat food.

How do I know if my abdominal obesity is visceral fat or subcutaneous fat?

It is difficult to know whether it is subcutaneous or visceral fat because they located inside of our body. Since visceral fat is not visible from the outside, it can be confirmed by CT scan. However, because you need to invest money and time, you can find an easier way to use Inbody. Body shape and health status may vary depending on body fat and muscle, so it may be helpful to measure body composition using a tester like Inbody.

Inbody is based on the principle of microcurrent. Moisture flows through microcurrent and fat does not pass current well. Moisture, fat, protein, and minerals can be measured. The distribution of visceral fat is also known by using this fine electrical flow impedance. In Evita Clinic, we also have Inbody devices here, so you can simply make an appointment and visit us to check your body composition.

More Details

If you do not have time, you can measure your waist circumference to see if you are visceral fat. If the circumference of the abdomen is more than 90 centimeters (about 35 inches) for men and 85 centimeters (about 33 inches) for women, it is likely that abdominal obesity, or visceral fat, is accumulated.

If visceral fat is already piled up, how can we get rid of it? Unfortunately, visceral fat is difficult to remove with liposuction. The fat removed during liposuction is subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is located in the abdomen and is attached to the stomach organs, so suction surgery is impossible. Or omentectomy might be done to remove the visceral fat layer by performing only a part of the bariatric surgery which is a gastrectomy.

The best way to remove visceral fat is diet and exercise. If you do not get obesity treatment by diet improvement and exercise, you may increase visceral obesity by compensatory.

For this reason, it is a good idea to exercise regularly so that you can break down fat. Walking, running, biking, swimming, fitness, yoga, aerobics, and much more do not matter, the most important thing is to keep at least 30 minutes a day. It is more important to select the kind of exercise that will make you feel fun, to be done steady.

Regular eating habits are also important. As mentioned above, when we become binge, our body accumulates a lot of body fat. Avoiding binge eating and eating regularly is important.

Fried or fatty foods, especially carbohydrates such as bread, may interfere with blood circulation and accumulate fat. And the cooking method is also important. It is better to boil than to fry. You can consume less oil and salt.

As such, visceral obesity can be solved with diet improvement and regular exercise. On the other hand, if left untreated, it can be harmful to the body because it can cause various vascular diseases and cancer. It should also be remembered that the compensatory nature of visceral obesity may increase.

Do you also belong to the risk group of visceral fat? It is not too late. I hope you will be free from the risk of visceral fat by improving your lifestyle.