When can I start exercising after surgery?

After surgery, you must wear a compression vest.
Swelling, bruising, and irregular-looking skin should be expected and is normal after surgery.

A full day of rest 24 hours after the surgery is recommended.

Here are a few important things that you must check and consider after the surgery:

  • After operation, please start eating well digested food.

  • There could be residual fluid leakage in a day. If so, apply new sterile gauze.  Do not remove the dressing, the wound needs to be protected from contamination.

  • Take your prescribed medications 3 times a day after meal for 7 days. Do not take aspirin or any products containing aspirin unless it’s approved by your surgeon.

  • You can take a shower 2~3 days later when waterproof bands are applied to the incision areas. Avoid hot baths, sauna, and swimming for at least 2 weeks.

  • Compression Garment should be worn 24 hours for 2 weeks and 12 hours for another 2 to 4 weeks. This helps relieve swelling and aids in quicker recovery.

  • Any kind of food ingestion is allowed after surgery except alcoholic beverage and excessively salty food.

  • Your breast could be asymmetrical, lumpy, swelled and bruised during the healing process. It is only temporary.

  • Sleep on your stomach on the night of your surgery. This helps with the swelling and stops bleeding in case of hemorrhage.

  • Daily activities are helpful to recover faster. You may also do light stretches like yoga. Walking is highly encouraged.

  • If you have persistent pain, high fever, itchiness and can see yellowish discharges on the area within 3-4 days after surgery, please report to us immediately.

After 3 days

Start Activity

You can take a shower and go back to sedentary jobs within a week following gynecomastia surgery.
For exercises, we recommed walking and slow running.

After 1 week

Start Exercise

You can go back to physical jobs but still with caution and care.

Stretching, yoga and self-massage is recommended.

After 2 weeks

Start Hard Exercise

You can start stronger exercises, like physical fitness, push-up, swimming, running, etc.

After 3 weeks

Exercises for Chest Muscles

In particular, a strong, concentrated exercise is required to build chest muscle strength & volume.

To prevent sagging, the most important thing is massage and exercise.

Do you want to know what specific exercises our doctor suggests?

There are two important muscles on your chest area, one is pectoral muscle and the other is serratus anterior muscle.

< Pectoralis Major Muscle >

Pectoral muscles are the muscles that connect the front of the human chest with the bones of the upper arm and shoulder.

Pectoralis major is a thick, fan-shaped muscle, which makes up the bulk of the chest muscle.

< Serratus Anterior Muscle >

This muscle is essential for anteversion of the arm. 

The serratus anterior is occasionally called the “big swing muscle” or “boxer’s muscle” because it is largely responsible for the protraction of the scapula.

The video shows an example of a pectoral workout. It takes only 8 minutes,

You can do it at home.

The serratus anterior muscle may be the sexiest muscle on the male physique.
This is the muscle group on the side of your rib cage that resembles shark gills when they’re well developed and you’re shredded.

Check the video above for a good home workout for your chest. which good solution for workout at your place.

In this video, each muscle exercise is very well explained. At every step, you can understand how your muscles move and how they will develop by doing these movements.

After Gynecomastia Surgery,

It is very important to replace the empty fat & gland space with muscle.



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