Body contouring means shaping one’s body through removal of excess fat and skin. Liposuction at Evita Clinic is performed with the latest equipment and surgical techniques to get you the taut, slim body you want. Laser liposuction is used to maximize the elasticity of the skin.

  • Minimal incisions

  • 360 degrees

  • Sleep Anesthesia

  • Short Downtime

  • Free Post-care Service


Enjoy & Experience

Evita Clinic cares about you and we'll be there for you from planning, consultation, surgery and recovery.
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Smaller and curvier waist.

Hip & Thighs

Look taller and be more confident wearing skirts and skinny jeans.

Upper Arms

Fine-tune flabby upper arms and remove excess fats.

Face & Neck

Achieve a more defined profile or jawline.




  • Online consultation

  • Make an appointment

  • Visit for a face-to-face consultation

  • Consultation with surgeon


  • Body and health check

  • Physical & mental preparation for surgery

  • Fasting 12 hours before surgery

  • Be early for surgery


  • Measurement for compression garment

  • Signing of consent

  • Consultation and designing with surgeon

  • Operation


  • Post-op recovery and rest

  • Monitoring of patient’s condition

  • Post-op instructions

  • Make an appointment for a follow-up visit


Laser and Massage

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Postoperative Course

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How to Prepare For Consultation

Consultation is not a lecture from your surgeon. Feel free to raise some questions. Write it down so you won’t forget. This way you would be able to satisfy any curiosity and doubts you may have. You may ask anything from questions about the surgery itself to the surgeon's experience. This is especially important if you decide to have the surgery on the same day.

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