About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is not harmful to one’s body but they may cause psychological stress to the person affected.

It impairs one’s self confidence that some men avoid physical activities and intimacy to hide their condition.

Males from all the ages are prone to male breast tissue proliferation.

It starts to occur during infancy, puberty or when a man reaches his 50’s.

The condition can be a result of hormonal imbalance, obesity or the use of certain drugs.

Gynecomastia can be classified in to three subtypes according to the nature of the proliferated tissues : Glandular, Fatty glandular and Simple primarily fatty in nature.

The type of operation will be determined after classifying it, Either Mastectomy(mammary gland removal) or Lipectomy(liposuction) will be done or both.

Why Operation is needed?

Gynecomastia that occurs during infancy or puberty will disappear naturally overtime. However, If it lasts more  1 year, it will start to remain in one’s body.

At this point, Medication is most likely not effective anymore as the stroma has fibrous already.

Surgery has to be done when medical therapy fails.

It won’t go away just exercise or diet.

Surgery is also will be done to prevent patients from breast cancer and fat accumulation.

After surgery, we send a sample of the patients’s mammary gland to check for breast cancer.

The aim of surgical treatment for gynecomastia is not only to create a normal chest looking and eliminate the inframammary fold but also to rule out breast cancer and other underlying diseases.

Operation Method

At Evita Clinic, Gynecomastia surgery is performed in two steps : Liposuction with Laser and then mammary gland removeal.

A combination of these two methods has been proven to reduce complications and bring satisfactory results : Aesthetically good, excellent patient tolerance, fast recovery time & skin tightening.

Gynecomastia Liposuction at Evita Clinic is performed with only the latest equipment and surgical techniques.

This procedure is our surgeon’s favorite surgery. He does it with precision and care.

Incision is done on skin underneth the areola.

It takes about 2~3 hours and there no need hospitalization. It’s an one-day operation.


After the surgery, we recommend you to wear a compression vest for at least 4 weeks.
You have to wear it 24 hours for the 1st 2 weeks and 8 hours for the next  2 weeks.
Evita Clinic provides 5 complimentary RF Massage treatments after the operation.
For patients not residing in Korea, We offer this service every day until your flight back home.
We encourage you to stay in the country for at least 3~5 days in order to complete the dressing and post-operative care.

Price Table

Laser-Assisted liposuction combined with Mastectomy

$1,800Common & Basic
  • ₩ 2,000,000 Won (KRW)

Additional Mastopexy for prevent sagging (Type III)

  • ₩ 1,000,000 Won (KRW)

Additional Skin Resection for skin folding breast (Type IV)

  • ₩ 2,000,000 Won (KRW)

*You need to pay seperately for prescription medication at the drug store after the surgery.